Papas a la Huancaina (Huancaina Potatoes)

It is one of the typical dishes of Peruvian cuisine used as starter and the sauce can also be used it self as a Dip, this exquisite dish is a delicious sauce made with Yellow Chillies (Ají Amarillo) typical of Peru, milk, Fresk-O Cheese and oil which is poured over boiled yellow potatoes, black olives and boiled egg .


- 500 Grs Paisa Cheese Fresk-O
- 4 Peruvian Yellow Chillies or 2 tablespoons Peruvian Yellow Chillies Paste
- 2 Cloves of Garlic Peeled
- ½ cup vegetable oil
- 3 Large Hard Eggs
- 3 black olives for garnish
- 4 Leaves American or Romaine Lettuce
- Salt to taste
- Milk to taste


If you have the Peruvian Yellow Chillies Fresh they should be washed well and remove the seeds, then cut into strips. Also the garlic, peel and cut.
In a skillet sauté the Yellow Chillies and garlic. In a blender add the sauté, the Paisa Cheese Fresk-O, salt to taste, oil and liquefied until obtain a thick mixture, add milk until desired consistency.

Boil in a pot the peeled potatoes with a little salt, about 10 min., Which must not be too soft, then sliced the potatoes.

To serve on a plate placed the lettuce leaves, then the sliced potatoes, cover with Huancaina sauce , garnish with grated Fresk-O Cheese, sliced boiled eggs, black olives. !!!Buen Provecho!!!