About Us

LATIN FOODS INC.  is a company created and developed thanks to the effort of  The Chavez Family, Latin professionals who understand the Hispanic community and its needs. Our objective is to contribute to the economic development of the Canadian and Hispanic Dairy Markets in the top growing cities of Canada.

LATIN FOODS mission is to produce high quality dairy products of Latin American inspiration and supply not only that ethnic community but also the growing clientele of other Canadians.

Our company has two year since we open operations in the city of Calgary. Since we started operations we have been producing a finest variety of Latin cheese.

Our reputation depends on the highest standards of quality, competitive prices, and a commitment to prompt, friendly service. Actually, we supply three kinds of Latin cheese, in sizes varying from 180 grams to 3.5 kilograms. Our brand Fresk-O cheeses comes in the following presentations:

1) Paisa- Cheese: 350 grams / 3.5 kilograms
2) Fresk-O Cheese: 350 grams / 3.5 kilograms
3) Duro – Cheese: 350 grams / 3.5 kilograms
4) Paisa Cheese: 180 grams
5) Fresco Cheese: 180 grams


  • 1 case= 18 units of 0,350 grs aprox.
  • 1 case = 3 units of 3,5 kg. aprox.
  • 1 case = 18 units of 0.180 grs. aprox.

Latin Foods Inc. has developed three types of cheese called Queso Paisa, Queso Fresco and Queso Duro complying with the procedures required by the different institutions that ensure the final quality of food products, confirming the application of appropriate procedures for proper elaboration.

Our lines of products are in the fresh cheeses category, all well known in Latino America and the Caribbean. They are: The Queso Duro, a dry version of fresh cheese with longer shelf life and Two version of fresh cheese with higher moisture content, one of them with lower salt.At this time we also plan to introduce new product lines, specially spreads, savory creams and yogurts in the near future.

The tests have determined a high acceptance by non Latin Canadians of our cheeses, specially when introduced to them grilled or accompanying soups and salads.

There are no other processors producing Latin cheese in Alberta at this time. This value added business will provide local, quality, fresh Latin variety cheeses directly to customers meeting a market demand that is not presently being supplied but that is desired. The first-in production of this business offers a potential for a unique market positioning strategy.

All our products are made in a federally inspected facility using GMP’s, therefore we can do the distribution of our products with in and out of Alberta.

All the products manufactured by Latin Foods bears the 100% Canadian Milk symbol, which means that all our products are made out of 100% Canadian Milk.

We would like to extend an invitation to try and test our quality products without commitments. We truly believe that they will satisfy your costumers expectations.

You can download our Company presentation,click here.

Sincerely yours,
Rafael Chavez
T: 403-460-6630
F: 403-719-6630