All you need is cheese

Friday, June 8th, 2012


Latin Foods Inc. has been operating in the city of Calgary for only a few years now, the first to produce Latin Cheese in Alberta. They supply three kind of fine Latin Cheeses made of 100% Canadian cow’s milk.

This queso fresco, Latin for fresh cheese, was recreated base on a traditional cheese recipe from Venezuela. It is slightly salty in taste with smooth and soft texture. It has a higher melting point than some others cheeses, which makes it suitable for frying and outdoor grilling.

Why not add some Latin flavours to your plate on a warm summer day? This cheese may be served grilled on its own or with tacos, quesadillas and tortillas. It would be so good as an appetizer or snack and also as a great topper for salads.

Consider this cheese grilled on a skewer with vegetables and chicken or lamb, enhanced with a cumin and chilli-flavoured sauce. Sprinkling it with powdered sugar and cinnamon makes a great dessert or sweet snack.

A real go-to summer treat!! With it creamy texture, it would pair well with a light, sweet Riesling, a rose or fruit beer.

This cheese is available in Sobeys, Co-op Stores, Latin food markets and other stores around Alberta.